Barn Festival of the Arts


By: Genevieve Scholl

Bus Drivers Take People To Their Parking Lots

This past weekend, The Barn Festival of the Arts took place in Remsen, NY. Remsen is my hometown and the one place on the planet where I feel like I amd “home”. Even though I live in New York Mills, NY normally, Remsen is the place where I grew up and the place where everything feels in place and just right. Earlier in the semester I blogged about going home for the weekend and this blog is a follow up.

Every year during the last weekend of September, The Barn Festival of the Arts takes place along Main Street in Remsen,NY. It is about a mile long and has everything from delicious food to homemade towels. As you walk along the festival, you smell the amazing aromas of hamburgers, kettle corn, and gyros. There is even cheesecake on a stick!

Cheescake On A Stick

Homemade Chairs


There is also fun things to do, like face painting and a corn maze! The corn maze is a challenge where we pay $5 to spend an hour or so inside a field of corn, that has paths cut out of them to make a maze. We have to find four markers within the maze and place a colored dot on the map where we believe we are at the time and if we are correct after we “escape” we get a prize. IT is a lot of fun, especially for children. This year’s corn maze was a castle, knight, and swords. Unfortunately, I do not have an image of this year’s maze, so pictured below is the one from 2008.

As sad as we are to see it end every year, during the rest of the year we grow anticipation for the next one. It is free to attend, unless you are parking in one of the designated parking lots which cost money (usually about $5 per car), and I hope that some of you will make the trip next year (even if it is three hours from school) and attend the event that is so important to me, my family, my friends, and my town.

My Favorite Food At The Barn Fest

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