Safety tips when walking the campus late at night.


By: Genevieve Scholl

The Hill at Night

Just a short little tip when walking the campus at night, especially the hill from campus to college village.

1) Always try to walk with someone, NEVER walk alone unless you have no other choice.

2) Be aware of your surroundings, especially other people.

3) Do not linger on the hill or on campus, in dark areas, longer than absolutely necessary.

4) Have your key card handy for quick and efficient access to your building.

5) For extra protection, keep your keys in your hand. (Do not engage in violence unless in self-defense)

6) Have campus safety’s phone number on your cell phone’s speed dial. (585)343-0055

7) Do NOT listen to your IPOD or cell phone with earbuds. Obstructing your hearing could be dangerous to your safety.

8 ) Do not engage in any type of conflict. If you see something illegal or upsetting going on, please contact campus safety from a safe distance and avoid eye contact with the people involved.

9) Get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.

and 10) If you are attacked, do not try to fight back unless serious injury is imminent. The worst thing you can do is do or say something that encourages the attacker to become more violent or vicious. If you are attacked, take a deep breath and scream as loud as you possibly can. This will deter the attacker and will alert someone that you are in danger.

If you follow these tips, you will be safer while you walk the grounds at night. I know that when I walk back from my 6PM-9PM class on Thursdays, I follow every single one of these guidelines and feel confident and safe as I walk back to my dorm.

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