Sometimes I Cry About Cats Too…


Hey everyone, Emily here!

After being a “college kid” for nearly three semesters, it has become easy for me to recognize the pattern or “timeline” for each semester. Allow me to explain,

Stage 1: The Honeymoon

Typically, the first week of every new semester can be classified as the “honeymoon” stage for students. For the incoming Freshman, there is much anticipation and excitement when looking forward to the new chapter of their lives which is about to begin; and the returning students always seem to miss college life over the summer (come on, you know you did) and are happy to return and get back into the swing of things.

For me, I always end up promising myself that this semester will be “different.” “Emily, ” I say to myself, “this semester you’re not going to skip so many classes. You’re not going to turn in so many late assignments.” (In reality, I do not turn in that many to begin with, maybe two or three, but to me two or three feels like a ton!) “You’re going to get to class on time!!” (More often than not….I am late.)

So, while it is easy for me to make these “new beginnings” promises, I always end up finding out how hard it is for me to keep them. This reality ushers in the second stage of the semester, which I realized today has begun. This dreaded stage seems to be hitting the students (well, at least me….and everyone I talk to) earlier and earlier as their careers as “college kids” continue…

Stage 2: Exhaustion

Now, while it may seem extreme to some to go right from the “honeymoon” to “exhaustion,” it’s really not that big a stretch. Think about it. We all have professors who assign large amounts of course work that is due at the same time; everyone knows that this is a struggle, even the professors will acknowledge that to you. On top of that we all work, possibly multiple jobs, and some of us even have children to take care of.

The life of a college student is among one of the hardest out there.

What is important to understand during this time is that,

A: This is worth it. All the stress that you are feeling right now, all the anxiety; the headaches, colds, sore feet, (from tramping around the campus in heels…I will admit that I am the biggest offender of this and that it is most certainly my fault that my feet hurt) and being tired. all. the. time. is going to be worth it. You are on a path to a bigger and better life that only a college education can give you and it is an incredible blessing to be enrolled in an institute of higher learning. So many people in our country and around the world do not, and may never, have this opportunity. We need to be thankful for what we have.

B: Procrastination is not Your Friend

I am the biggest offender of this. Right now, I am saying to myself, “Emily, do not wait till the night before to do that big project. Why do you complain about being tired if you refuse to do your work during waking hours?” If we all just got the concept of time management under our belts our lives would be so much easier!!

C: Comic Relief Helps

My wonderful business professor Lauren Paisley introduced me to Youtube Friday, where we as a business class take about 15 minutes to watch funny Youtube videos as

 TGIF tradition that is both a form of comic relief and an incentive to come to class (very ingenious, Lauren!!)

Youtube Friday is a fantastic idea and also a concept which I plan to utilize whenever I feel like tearing up my text books in sheer frustration (which is often, with my schedule). 

Despite the fact that it is Wednesday, I am uploading one of my favorite Youtube videos for your enjoyment below. It is a very popular video, so you may have seen it before, but even so, I hope that it will help to relieve some of your stress today.

Keep your chin up; the weekend is almost upon us!!


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