Hey Ebony here 🙂

Yesterday evening (April-14th-2011) was an amazing evening for me. Thanks to the survival club, Ebony Ross, and John McGowan. I got the chance to do some motivational speaking for the first time in front of good size group of people. It was fun to share my thoughts and give people advice on how to live life to its fullest ,be positive, be open-minded, and not to be afraid of change.

John McGowan was inspired by my previous blog post “Everyday is a new beginning”, and thought it would be nice to have a group discussion about the topic. It actually was great.The best part about the group discussion was that people were involved, interested, listening, taking notes, and engaging in conversation. I was excited about that and excited to know that people wanted to hear me speak. I can tell people were inspired and wanted to learn.

Inspiring and motivating people are two of the things that I live to do. I love to learn new things everyday and teach others what I’ve learned. You must learn it, know it, and teach it.  

Here’s a video that inspired me.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. John McGowan

    Hi Ebony –
    In response to your comments about last evenings fireside chat, you really did a great job with both your facilitating and motivational speech.

    Great to see so many students attend this event and actively participate!!:)

    Thank you for your leadership and creativity……..

  2. aggie robinson

    Great job Ebony!

    Very comfortable atmosphere, enjoyed the conversations and information as well as the views shared by all; looking forward to the next group discussion…. Thanks again for the invite!

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