Slippery floor.


Hey its Kiley,

Today, I’m going to bring something to your attention. Dance studio floors should not be sleek and shiny, they should be slightly textured in order to give grip to the dancer, therefore   our floors need to be fixed in order to prevent slips and falls.

If anyone takes dance classes or acting classes, they are aware of the unusable floor in the dance studio. This semester I am involved in the following activity’s take place in the dance studio:  a dance class, an acting class, and Blood Brother rehearsals. The floor was cleaned and shined over Christmas break.It may look shinny and new visually, but looks can be deceiving. This took the grip off the floor, making our dance studio an ice skating rink. It is not supposed to be this way. On average, when I’m in the dance studio someone slips on the floor. This makes many students uneasy, due to the dangerous floor. In my acting class we did a trust activity that involved being blink folded linking arms with other classmates and going into a walk to a jog. This was next to impossible due to the fear of slipping on the floor. People should feel their in a comfortable environment and free to express themselves with unlimited movement, but this floor allows students to be consumed by fear.

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