Hey it’s Kiley!

Last Tuesday, I went on a campus visit to Canisus College. I wanted to get the overall feel of the school.To do this, I planed in advance to talk to the head of the communications program,  and Admissions.I wanted more then what their brochures had to offer. College isn’t always the yellow ribbon-clear cut picture Admissions often has you believe. I went to investigate, to see for myself.

I realy liked the layout of the Campus. The buildings were easy to negotiate and visually appealing inside. The College is in the heart of urban Buffalo area. I am really sick of going to school in a rural area, sure it’s pretty-I get that-but after awhile it gets old. I wanna be somewhere with blinding city lights.I like the internship possibilities Canisius has to offer including:

  • “Good Morning America,” NYC
  • Shea’s Performing Arts Center

I took a gander at their College newspaper THE GRIFFEN. I was left impressed and intrigued by students interesting and creative news articles. I made sure to go into their Theatre, which I was excited to find out that productions aren’t major restricted. This was a plus in my book.I just love the fact that this is a Liberal Arts school, it’s a breath of fresh air. I took a look at their all- college honers program and it’s extremely impressive. I think I would enjoy being a part of this. At GCC I’m a part of the Honers program and I enjoy the challenge.

The Anchor Bar

Famous for their Buffalo Wings this restaurant is great for any pop cultural buff or wings enthusiast. It claims it is the original home to the Buffalo wings and I had to check this place out. I was overall pleased with my buffalo chicken sandwich delish pineapple drink.

“What we play is life” Louis Armstrong

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