Blood Brothers!

Mrs. Johnstone

Mrs. Johnstone

Hey its Kiley here to share some great news!

I decided to try out for this years musical and I got  double casted as Mrs. Johnstone with Emily Jones. In my hometown, every summer we would have summer musicals and Emily did four shows with me.  I was not only surprised I got this lead role, but full of excitement. I can’t believe I considered not trying out!  I would like to do a series about the process and development of a typical musical. This will educate some curious folks about why people choose to experience trials and tribulations for  three days of performances. People that don’t perform do not understand the memories and personal growth that takes part during a show. From start to finish I will share my personal experience.

Auditioning can show a beautiful vulnerability in people. This is due to taking a risk and not knowing the outcome. In the audition I noticed a passion in myself that I had not seen in myself in a great while. I think everyone needs an outlet of self expression to channel energy and create something that is bigger then yourself. Theartre expresses a bigger message about society. It questions and lets actors and viewers to do the same.

I encourage all of you to follow your dreams and take a risk. Don’t waste time, doing something that makes you miserable. Spend your time in something that matters to you.


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