Come to auditions!


Stardom/ GCC Project

Here’s a spotlight for an GCC alumni, Tara Pocock!

Theatre Testimonial!

“I remember my real first theatre performance was with Maryanne in the show Peter Pan. I had not originally tried out for the play but Patti Simmons asked me to be a fill in for one of the Indians and then I ended up getting put in for the play and also receiving the part of the Fairy. This definitely changed my life because I was always use to dance performances on stage but not theatre productions. They are definitely a lot of work but way worth it in the end. Theatre has given me confidence to stand up in front of a crowd and to not have any fright what so ever. I know that if I do my best the crowd will appreciate it. Shows that I have been involved in were: Peter Pan (The Fair and an Indian), Urban Muse (The Show Girl), The Great Jungle Journey of Fenda Maria (The bird talker, and Fenda Maria’s Best friend), Chicago (Liz).”

I hope her story inspires you to audition for the show!

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