When was the last time you tried something new.


Hey-it’s Kiley here telling you what’s up at GCC! So lets talk about the weekend.

Friday October 8th


I made a brief appearance with my fello blogger, Ebony. I just love karaoke, it realy brings people together. I sung an oldie by The Ronettes, “Be my baby”.

Take a blast to the past with this link:

Be My Baby

Laundry Day. See you there.

If your a fello Neil Patrick Harris fan,like myself, you will understand this caption’s reference. If not educate yourself and Google him. So like any other typical college student, I’ve questioned if there realy is a correct way to do laundry.Living at College Village has it’s perks at times, free laundry!I live in B building, which conveniently has a laundry room on the first floor.(I’m on the second, so it’s not a long haul)   Does it realy matter if you pile it all in or separate it by colors. Call me adventurous, but I learn by trial and error. What’s your laundry style?

Here’s a handy tool in case your having laundry trouble:

Laundry day.

How to do laundry.

Lewiston’s Sixth Annual Psychic and Holistic Fair

If you haven’t already gone to a psychic fair for entertainment purposes, I encourage you to open your mind and do so! I had a life path reading by a Psychic named Bruce and my palms read by a low profile reader. These events inspire me to dream big and motivate me to complete my long and short term goals.


Have you ever tried Indian cuisine? It is the spice of life and I encourage you to try this exotic food because it’s good to try new things.Personally, I love the feel of this restaurant it realy captures the Indian culture.So what to order, a mango lassi is a must for a drink. Beware of salty lassi,however, I found out the hard way it was not my cup of tea. Every time I go to an exotic restaurant I like to try new dishes. I feel that many Americans are stuck in the hamburger-hot dog would you like fries with that mentality and this closes doors to other delicious foods, such as Indian. I love spicy foods, so this is my version of Nirvana. I tried a soup called Sabzi Shorba. It was a spicy soup with a variety of veggies and a hint of ginger.You should always get a traditional bread with your meal. I choose a rosemary naan:delish.The dish I tried was porbo pola considered a signature dish of east-Indians. For dessert I recommend a hot kheer (rice pudding).  Don’t be afraid, try new foods! Invite a little class and culture in your life.



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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the
most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

— Charles Darwin

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