A day in the life of an arts major…


Being a Fine Arts major, my “average” day may not always be so average. There are those who wake up, and get ready, grab their books, and head out to class or what have you; then there’s me.

I am the girl who you’ll see driving over the line in my lane just to reach my coffee so I can wake up, and is blasting my favorite song/band at the time to get inspired for the day.

Once on campus, you can see me making my way through the parking lot, bags upon bags on my arms, and most of the time, you’ll see a large floating canvas before you’ll see me.

I make my journey from the back of the parking lot, to the elevator, which most of the time is down for repairs, so I lug everything up the stairs to get to my classes.

I spend the day thinking of oddly creative things, good conversation, and of course more coffee.

I end my day the same as I started, only this time not as rushed, to get back to my apartment to start working on my projects once more, to then get ready to some rest. To wake up and then do it all over again. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.