Past Student Bloggers


Amber CoanScreen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.17.45 AM

Contact Amber

  • I’m from East Irondequoit, NY
  • Fashion Business Major with a concentration in design
  • I plan to graduate in May 2015
  • I am currently working on my portfolio and application for FIT, The Fashion Institute of Technology
  • I am an RA at college village and a member of Alpha Epsilon Gamma
  • I chose GCC because the fashion program was the most bang for my buck!
  • My favorite part of GCC is my teachers! Mr. Dudkowski and Ms. Ehrhart are phenomenal!
  • I spent the summer assisting intellectually disabled individuals in a group home and one day would like to research and develop proper fitting clothing for those with physical disabilities.

Ami Cornellcornell

Contact Ami

  • I’m from a small town in Rochester NY – Pittsford
  • Fashion Business and Merchandising major
  • I’ll graduate in spring 2015
  • I started my first semester at GCC this past January, I originally went to University at Buffalo in the fall but found it was not the right fit for me. I hope to graduate in the spring of 2015, but my graduation date may be prolonged as a result of when certain classes are being offered.
  • After graduation I plan to transfer to a four year school with a fashion journalism program. I have not completely committed to an idea of where in the country yet, or a specific school.
  • I am in the Business Forum Club and am working for the Back of House committee and the dressing of models for the 33rd annual fashion show at GCC. I would also love to get involved in the DECA club.
  • My mother is a GCC alumni, and encouraged me to check out the different programs that GCC had to offer. After leaving University at Buffalo I was looking for a school where I could commute from home so I could continue working at my current job. GCC also interested me due to its amazing fashion program.
  • I love the small class sizes, and how attentive all of the professors are at GCC!
  • I once modeled in a GAP fashion show when I was three.

Ariana SneedProfile pic

  • I’m from Niagara Falls, NY
  • Fashion merchandising and management major
  • I’ll graduate in spring 2015
  • After I graduate, I plan attending either LIM, or FIDM the following fall and furthering my education in fashion merchandising.
  • I plan on doing indoor soccer this winter for GCC, as well as volunteering with the fashion show and programs and events within the fashion program.
  • I choose GCC because I am saving money and am still able to get a degree in fashion merchandising and as well as being able to stay on campus and experience a college environment close to home.
  • My favorite part about GCC is the fashion program. We have so many opportunities to succeed here at GCC.
  • In high school, I took college credits and have already received my visual merchandising and display credit (BUS 208) because I know whole hardheartedly fashion is my passion and what I want to do for the rest of my life!

Cameron Stevenson0904141959-01

Contact Cameron

  • My hometown is Lockport, NY.
  • My degree, hopefully, will be in Communications and Media Arts.
  • I plan on graduating in 2 years.
  • I am involved in the Literary Club and the student newspaper.
  • I chose to come to GCC so I could seperate from the rest of my family and find out who I am.
  • My favorite part of GCC is the library. I love books!
  • I have been writing for the last three years in fiction. I also write short stories, satire and political humor, novels (if I’m feeling brave), and poetry.

Catherine Kelkenberg

Contact Catherine Catherine Kelkenberg

  • I’m from Akron, NY.
  • I’m earning my degree in fashion business with a concentration in design.
  • I plan to graduate with my Associates degree in the Spring of 2015.
  • After graduation I hope to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology and pursue a bachelors degree in Technical Design.
  • I am a member of the DECA club, the student bloggers, and hope to become more involved on campus!
  • I chose GCC after attending their Fashion show last spring and realizing that by enrolling here I would save money while also being part of a strong fashion program.  I also really like that the fashion program at GCC integrates business and design aspects–so many other colleges offer programs which are either one or the other.
  • My favorite part of GCC so far has been the faculty; the professors and administrative personnel have been warm and welcoming in guiding me through the shift from high school to college.
  • Last summer I went to Costa Rica for two weeks with a group through National Geographic where I completed various community service projects.

Chihiro FurukawaChihiro Furukawa

  • I’m from Nara, Japan.
  • I’m a Fashion Merchandising major.
  • I am graduating in May 2014
  • After I graduate, I want to transfer to Persons, or I want to work in fashion.
  • I’m involved in lacrosse club and I’m  Vice President of the International Students Organization.
  • I chose GCC because of the fashion major and it is in NY. It is also very easy for me to come here as an international student.
  • I already graduated from a Japanese university, but I am back in school because I really want to work in fashion in the US!

Christine Furmanek418960_607834709294_168972738_n

Contact Christine

  • I’m from Middleport, NY.
  • I’ll be finishing my Business Administration A.A.S. and Entrepeneurship Certificate in December 2014.
  • After graduation I’ll be looking for a job in the marketing and sales fields. I’m also hoping to work toward my Bachelor’s in Marketing.
  • I’m one of the founding members of the Random Acts of Kindness Club and I’m a member of the Business Forum Club.
  • I originally came to GCC in the Fall of 2005 and I left without after the Spring of 2006 because I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I came back in the Fall of 2013 after I gained some life experience. I came back with a mission to succeed and I’m having a blast.
  • I could go on and on about why I love GCC but I’d have to say that the best thing about GCC is how the professors, faculty, and staff truly want to see you succeed and are always willing to help.
  • An interesting fact about me would be that I’m a mother to an amazing 3 year old girl. Her name is Cassie and she attends the GCC Day Care Center while I attend classes.

Dana Berg

Hello there! I’m Dana! I’m from Le Roy and I just started at GCC in the spring 14 semester. My major is Liberal Arts in Human Science, I’ll grab my AA in a handful of semesters, then I’ll transfer to another school with an Anthropology program. I’m an online student 100% of the time, and with the Financial Aid money, I’ve decided to travel the world. Firstly I am visiting my family and friends all around the USA, then I will go to Asia alone to backpack and do what I love the most, creating experiences with some fresh friends. I will be recording some fun situations along the road as well as situations that come to rise with my classes and how I can resolve them for other people who may want to create a similar college experience.

Jessica Rushjrush

  • I was born in Rochester New York but I was raised in South Carolina and Miami, Florida.
  • My degree is in fashion business but my concentration is in fashion design.
  • I plan on graduating in May of 2016
  • After graduation I plan on getting my bachelorette from a university in Italy called Polimoda….I want to do an internship as well with a fashion designer. Then do some traveling after I finish my Bachelor’s Degree.
  • I’m a member of the DECA Club and If something is somewhat linked to fashion then I’m in it. I recently just finished volunteering for a fashion show in Rochester.
  • I chose to come to GCC because its far away from everything. I felt like this could be a chance for me to be able to focus and buckle down.
  • My favorite parts about GCC would be the Saturday getaways and most of the events always seem to have food.
  • One interesting fact about me. Define interesting…just kidding one interesting fact about me is I’m part dragon.


Natalie H. Brown

Contact Natalie
Natalie Brown

  • I grew up in Batavia, NY.
  • I am a sophomore working on my degree in Fashion Design.
  • I will graduate in May of 2014.
  • After graduation, I hope to further my education in New York City.
  • Some clubs I am involved in are DECA and the Business Forum Club.
  • I chose to attend GCC when I sat in on classes my junior year of high school. I have been involved with the fashion show since then.
  • My favorite part of GCC would have to be my classmates and friends I have made along the way.
  • One interesting fact about me is I had no previous experience sewing before coming to Genesee Community College and becoming a Fashion Design major.

Sheinque JohnsonShenique Johnson

  • My hometown is Rochester, NY.
  • My Major is Fashion Design.
  • I plan on graduating this Fall 2013 Semester.
  • I plan on transferring to Buffalo State College for the Spring Semester.
  • I’m Involved In the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, as well as the DECA Club.
  • I chose Genesee Community College because my older cousin came here and graduated and told me how wonderful the Fashion Program is, and that it would be a great opporunity to come and start off my career!
  • My favorite part of Genesee Community College is when the Fashion Shows each Spring.
  • One interesting fact about me is that I am a single mother of a very active and intelligent (as well as cute!) 2 year old named Ziheir Johnson.