CEO Club Helps to Unite The World Through Compassionate Trade


Each year GCC’s CEO Club (Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization) picks a local business to work with throughout the academic year, and this year One World Projects was chosen. This company is located right here in Batavia, NY at 56 Harvester Avenue in the renowned micro-incubator building.  

The mission of One World Projects is to create worldwide economic alternatives for artisans and their families, as well as expand the reaches of ethical and fair trade to include compassionate trade. This company strongly prioritizes the welfare of their artisans. Their focus is on partnership, commitment, helping where it is needed, and ‘paying their pay’.B7987127-A6D6-4D7B-B8A4-163D5341B60F


The employees at One World like to consider all of their artisans to be partners, and they work with the artisans to provide educational and vocational training. The economic and social programs provided not only benefit the artisans but the entire community they live in.


This group of community members is committed to their trading partners help establish and maintain a long-term relationship. They are also committed to addressing issues such as poverty, war, drug abuse, women’s and children’s rights, education, healthcare, environmental degradation, and promoting peace.

Helping Where It’s Needed

Each group that the One World Projects helps is unique. The trading partners individually create their organization to help the highly disadvantaged people in their communities. And sadly, many of the disadvantaged are abandoned and single women living in slums. However, through the One World Projects efforts and through fair trade, their partners are able to transform lives within their communities.

Paying Their Way

This company is not joking when they say that they prioritize their partners and try their best to give fair pay and practice fair trade. The company pays at least 50% of the cost of product orders in advance, interest-free. This provides essential finances artisans require in order to maintain production and enabling them to continue meeting their needs for the next order.

01F3D006-29E5-4ED9-AE0C-7071BB9AC9A1One World Projects is a great company that the CEO Club is thrilled to be collaborating with this year. Visit the One World website to see the variety of products offered by the partnering artisans!

As part of One World Projects outreach efforts, the company has participated in many GCC events including Homecoming and Ecofest. The company will be at GCC again this Thursday, November 9 in the Forum.

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