Things To Do On A Rainy Summer Day



blogpostSummer is here, but that does not mean a thing to MotherNature. We will have some days these next few months which may be chillier, cloudier or rainy, and on those days all we want to do is stay inside. Fear not, instead of wasting your summer sitting inside on a less than sunny day, here are a few ideas for what you could do instead of cuddling up on your couch for the day.

See A New Movie

No matter where you live, there is a movie theater somewhere near you which is why this is the perfect thing to do on a rainy day. It’s great for all ages, whether you’re a teen, an adult with children, or babysitting–there are so many viewing options at the theater! There are theaters in Batavia, Brockport, and Rochester! A great comedy to see would be BayWatch. A movie for the kids could be Cars 3, and a scary movie for date-night might be The Mummy. There’s so many new releases this summer to see, take your pick!


This is a great place for all ages as well. You could meet up with a group of friends, take the kids you’re babysitting, or even go on a date-night to a trampoline park! The tickets for a day pass are quite affordable and it’s a super fun way to get active without being outside! You have the choice to just jump around, jump into the foam pit, or play trampoline basketball or dodgeball! You can visit the skyzone website to purchase a ticket and fill out the waiver in order to skip the line.

Game Day

And lastly, have a game day! It’s simple, free, fun and great for any ages. Invite some friends or family over, make some snacks, dust off your favorite board games and have some competitive fun! A personal favorite that keeps you distracted for a long time is Monopoly. Monopoly has always been one of my favorite games and never gets old. Game days are simple and easy to put together so why not make some memories during a rainy day.

There are three simple, fun and affordable activities to do when Mother Nature just isn’t on your side. Forget your stressors, and have a fun summer!

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