Tweeting while making money? Is that a thing?


social media.jpg

By Mariah Paddock, Marketing Intern for Director of Business Programs

In today’s society, everyone knows what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are, right? WELL, at GCC there is a new concentration, Marketing and Social Media. Today social media is one of the primary ways we communicate with our peers. Due to the increased use of social media, businesses have completely changed the way they interact with the public.

Businesses use social media for brand exposure, to increase revenue, build customer loyalty and also to solicit feedback. With the success that social media has brought, this is a growing career opportunity.

You can earn an associate’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Social Media from Genesee Community College. Some of the careers you could train for include:

·         Public Relations Specialist

·         Marketing Manager

·         Blogger

·         Digital Marketing Consultant

·         Social Media Specialist

·         Online Community Manager

·         Social Media Entrepreneur

For further information on the Social Media concentration contact the following:

Associate Professor, Business Administration faculty, Lauren Paisley at

Assistant Professor, Communication and Media Arts, Valeria C. Bello at

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