Know More about Your Future Career and Yourself


There are only two and half weeks of classes left, and many students are graduating and/or transferring. Are you ready for the next college or job? If you’re only finishing your first year here, do you already have an idea what to do after GCC? I’ve learnt plenty of information about how to plan for my future in my Career and Educational Planning (CEP 101) class with Dr. Priester, and I’d like to share it with you. Today, I want to talk about how to know if your future career choice fits you. There are certain ways to find out how you act at work, what strengths you’re holding, what careers are interesting to you, and what multiple intelligences you own.

cropped-Strengths_horizontal_poster.jpg1. Discover your top 5 strengths at StrengthsQuest: You can spend $9.99 on the website to get the access code and learn of your strengths. At the desk of many office workers here, there’s a tag standing with his or her name and five words under the name. Those words are the strengths. You’ll get your top five strengths, words like achiever, belief, command, deliberative, and empathy, with the descriptions.


2. Learn of your 4 MBTI personalities at The Myers & Briggs Foundation for free: You’ll obtain 4 letters of how you act at work, extraversion (E) or introversion (I), sensing (S) or intuition (N), thinking (T) or feeling (F), and judging (J) or perceiving (P). These letters represent your personality type at work and suggest you the careers that suit you.


3. Find out your top 3 interests of careers for free at Holland Occupational Themes (RIASEC): and other websites by just searching “Holland code quiz”. You’ll receive your interest levels on every kind of careers and be informed of the jobs that won’t bore you.


4. Be wise to your top 2 multiple intelligences for free at many websites by searching “multiple intelligence test”. Therefore, you’ll be conscious of which careers you’re better because of your intelligences, such as logical, spatial, intrapersonal, or other intelligences.

5. Now, you recognize 1 person, which is yourself.

6. Be familiar with the positions you want at O*NET Online: You can search the jobs you want, and it’ll show you all tasks, skills, abilities, interests, and more related to the jobs. So you can find out if you’ll match your dream job after being aware of yourself by following all the steps above.

7. When you’re ready to apply for a job, look for the positions at indeed:

Your dream job doesn’t exist, and you must create it. Also, it’s important that you choose a job you love, so you’ll never have to work a day in your future.


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