Designing for Diversity



My name is Jessica Rush and I’m a fashion design major at Genesee Community College. I was raised in South Carolina but relocated to NY a few years ago. I’m in my last semester at GCC and it has been the most rewarding experience. My favorite color is yellow and I love Vogue India! After GCC I plan on moving to Italy, I just recently got accepted into my dream school Koefia Academy in Rome, Italy!


As a fashion student at GCC I’ve learned that fashion is more than what you see on the surface. But what I love most about fashion is that it isn’t limited. To me fashion is cultural, reaching across borders of the world to take inspiration from all over the globe to make something beautiful. To someone else it may be sleek and simple but the truth is it can be absolutely ANYTHING.


GCC will always have a very special place in my heart, not only because of all the opportunities I’ve gotten but because the institution wants you succeed in life not just at GCC. But as a GCC student I’ve participated in the 34th annual fashion show working for the Front of House and in the 35th Annual show as the Front of House project manager. I’m also a resident assistant for residence life, vice president for the Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa, president of the voices of Diversity organization, member of the diversity council, member of the Genesee Community College Association, student government and involved in other clubs/ organizations.


As a scene producer in this year’s fashion is….. show I wanted my scene to represent my brand. My brand focuses on beauty within different cultures. One of my dreams is to own a fashion magazine that celebrates women of all races, ethnicities, cultures and sizes. I also want to create a Haute Couture collection that specializes in global upscale and intricate garments for women.



“So early in my life I had learned that if you want something you better make some noise”


-Malcolm X





Also, If you would like to donate to my college abroad fund I added the link below !





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