Fashion: Think Beyond Just Clothing




What is fashion? There are no wrong answers, but many individuals I know consider fashion to just be about clothing and nothing really else. I would like to say to those individuals that fashion is just not about clothing. I myself, thought fashion was just about clothing before coming here (NY). Being from and raised in a small community in the middle of nowhere, fashion was considered a foreign concept that no one ever really understood. That is why this year’s theme for the 35th annual fashion show has intrigued me: “Fashion Is…”.

The day in class when we decided to have this as the theme, I was fascinated hearing what everyone thought fashion was to them. Everyone had their own perspective and opinions. They were all so different yet linked together with their love for fashion.

Even doing a quick Google search “Fashion Is…” there are many results. Fashion is architecture, freedom, a style of life, endless, a statement, about you, etc. were a few of the results I came across on Google.

Fashion can be related to things people might not even consider. Coco Chanel inspired me to look at fashion as architecture. “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Architecture and fashion have a lot in common. Both the designer and architect use geometry to generate shapes, design lines, forms and to create structure.

This year, 16 fashion design and merchandising students have a scene in the 35th annual fashion show. Each one of their scenes will depict what fashion means to them. The scenes are so diverse, yet flow together.

My hope at this year’s fashion show, is that the guests will leave with new thoughts and opinions of what fashion is and can be.

-Kristi Knutson

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