Avoiding Weight Gain at G.C.C.


This blog is for any student that wants to lose weight or avoid gaining weight at G.C.C.


Right now, I have my room mate Sumika with me, and the two of us fight so hard to lose weight and to eat healthy. We want to share some advice with you.

Sumika knows how hard it is to transition into America’s junkie food culture from Japan’s healthier lifestyle. So her number one tip is :

“Stay away from the vending machines” 

The snacks at the vending machines are too easily accessible and they have too many calories! – Sumika

My number one health tip is:

“Go to the Fitness Center”

I think it’s important to become active and to find a way to make it fun. Finding a way to sweat helps you to burn off fat. – Iesha

And if your stressed out go to the fitness center to refresh yourself. – Sumika

Our next health tip is:

“Cook Food at Home”

Cook real food at home. Avoid pre-made or pre-packaged foods. Cooking food yourself is better for your nutrition, and it’s good to know what’s in your food. This may be a good time to learn how to cook. Also, College Village occasionally has a cooking class program that you can join. – Iesha

If you want to get really fresh food or vegetables, go to Harringtons (which is right on the corner of Seven Springs Rd and Clinton St, a 20 minute walk from G.C.C.). ALDI is another great place to shop for produce and save money. And both of these places are better than Walmart’s produce.

Also if you want to eat something like Ramen, you should add vegetables or something real to it. It’s not really nutrious on it’s own. Cooking can also be a great way destress. I enjoy cooking and I think it’s fun.- Sumika

I agree! Ramen is really high in sodium. I’ve recently starting to throw away the salt packet, and adding my own seasonings to the Ramen. There are tons of ideas online. – Iesha

“Avoid eating two hours before going to bed”

If you ingest calories at that time, there is no way to burn them off before going to bed. Those calories will turn into fat and you will gain weight. – Sumika

I agree. For me this is hard if I have a busy day and I don’t have time to eat until late, but if that happens I will try to eat light and drink lots of water before I go to sleep. – Iesha

Work Out With Friends!!!

Yes! Working out with friends is much better than working out alone. It’s more fun and you have someone who can hold you accountable to your fitness goals! – Iesha

Working out by yourself is kind of boring, and your team mate will encourage you. Like, if your friend is working out really hard, then that can encourage you to work out hard.  – Sumika

Sumika and I are workout buddies and we’re also room mates. So if I am having a lazy day she will tell me, “Go to the gym” and vise-versa. Or if I don’t want to go, she will go anyway and then I feel bad and I’ll go. 🙂 – Iesha

That’s about it. These are those important tips we can give you. There always more, but you should defiantly start here, or make sure you’re doing these things.

See you guys next time! – Iesha

See you. – Sumika

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