Tea X Design = A Marvelous Achievement!



The Tea x Design event was an astounding success, with a record-breaking ninety people in attendance!  Professor Donna Ehrhart, the host of the event, spoke about her new brand, DenimDoll19.  Involved in this discussion was a brief overview of her history as a seamstress, her process of sewing, and how she created a brand identity. She outlined the importance of personal branding, professionalism, and the creative process. The event was catered by Harrington’s, a local café which sources its breads and other baked goods from Deb’s Bakery in Rochester.  Harrington’s also supplied the flowers used in the event, which were later raffled off, along with an official GCC plaid scarf.



The enchanting Professor Ehrhart as she prepares to speak.


Ehrhart originals styled by Miss Lauren Countryman.


Event Planning student extraordinaire Rachel Diel finalizing decorations. .


Courtney Shearer arranging the refreshments table.

image (14)

       This tea was the perfect way to honor the accomplishments of our wonderful Professor Ehrhart.  Her story is truly an inspiration for anyone that has any interest in the fashion world, or, in a broader sense, entrepreneurship.  The event was an unforgettable experience, and I hope the next Tea x Design is just as amazing. I’m sure, it will be!

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