The Creativity Conference: What it’s all about.


On April 13th G.C.C. will be hosting it’s 3rd annual Creativity Conference. The purpose of the conference is to teach people how to think outside the box, and be creative on purpose, diminishing all the mystery that causes blockage and stress. Attendees of this conference will build their creative thinking skills and learn problem solving techniques, which are two high priority core skills that 21st century employers desire.

No matter what you career goals are, each person needs to exercise creativity in some capacity. It’s as basic and essential as the need to read. Doctors spend much of their college life studying biology and math, but encountering unexpected problems during patient treatment is very common. The ability to think on your feet, be quick, creative, and successful goes a long way. I’m pretty sure you’ve observed your teachers think on their feet when something in their lesson plan doesn’t go as they expected. It’s a skill that can helps us in all areas of life.

The Creativity Conference will be fun. It’s held as close to April 15th as possible because that’s Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. Leo will be making an appearance at the conference and there will be plenty of birthday cake to go around. 🙂 There is a full schedule of the conference here, with a description of workshops offered. One workshop I’d like to highlight is titled “Personal Reinvention”. This workshop is geared to help people discover the creative side and possibly their career path. I think it is important because many people feel no confidence in the area of creativity, even thought they posses many creative qualities.D06832DA-B8CC-4B72-84B3432C7E0F198C

The conference is from 8 am – 4 pm and will take place on the first floor of the T building. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be served. Most full day conferences like this can cost up to $300, but G.C.C. is charging students, faculty, and staff just $25. This cost is to cover food and materials used by participants. The cost for people who are apart the community but not members of G.C.C. is $99.

How to register: Email Elizabeth Downie at This is the preferred method of registration but if you have to, you can call her at 585-343-0055 ext. 6338 to register.

If you’re a student and $25 is a little too steep to pay, try finding a club that is also going to and connect with their adviser; ask if you can go with them as a club member and your cost should be covered.

If you have class during the conference time, and you’d like to attend most of the sessions and enjoy lunch you can still register. If you just want to peek in on the conference for one session, your allowed to come without registering, but please give Elizabeth a heads up ahead of time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Lina LaMattina at 585-343-0055 ext 6319.

Until next time guys!


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