Scholar’s Symposium Highlights


Just in case you missed it, or if you want to relive a few moments of it, here are some highlights of the Scholar’s Symposium.


The art gallery was filled with beautiful pieces from students. There were paintings, sculptures, and other artistic displays. People mused and circled around the gallery this afternoon, admiring the aesthetically pleasing  results of hard work.

In the theater, Pulitzer Prize winning author Eric Foner (the writer of our HIS 203 and 204 textbooks) gave an informative speech about newly discovered information on the Underground Railroad movement. While sitting there listening, I learned that slaves did not only travel on foot to the free north, but they paid captions to allow them on board their ships and sail them up. Foner spoke about African American radical figures such as Louis Napoleon, who helped a group of 7 slaves become free legally, and of course Harriet Tubman, a successful run away slave who went back into the south many times to help others take their freedom. It was a joy to listen to and I look forward to learning more about the movement as I read his new book, Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad.

After Foner spoke, Sonny Mayo, a speech class professor here at GCC, got on the stage and played some music from his guitar. He is a talented musician and I found his songs to be very relaxing and easy on the ears. He played the type of music you couldn’t help but tap your foot or swing your head to.


I enjoyed the Scholar’s Symposium, and I am grateful to GCC and my peers for putting such a wonderful display of talent, intelligence, endurance, and creativity together. TTYL!

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