Come & See Some of Our Brightest


Hey guys! Tomorrow is the 2016 Scholar’s Symposium. G.C.C. students have been given the opportunity to present their most prized piece or pieces of collegiate work. They may present school work varying from academic papers to theatrical performances.


The Symposium will begin at 8:15 am and it last until 4:o0 pm. A copy of the event’s schedule can be found here. I’m looking forward to seeing the poster presentations in the Forum at 11, and I’m curious to see Professor Frank Mayo, who teaches Public Speaking, rock out in the theater at 2:30.

Another cool event I’m really looking forward to is listening to the keynote address. If you’ve ever taken HIST 203 OR 204, then the name Eric Foner should sound familiar to you. He wrote your textbookgive me liberty vol 1 and 2 4th

I’ve taken HIS 203 and enjoyed learning about our country’s history a lot. I think it’s an important topic to study as an adult. We’re the generation that leads today and tomorrow. Studying our nations history of victories, failures and mistakes will help us make better choices as citizens. I enjoyed the way Eric Foner wrote about American history. In my opinion, the textbook was objective, but careful to portray parts of american history such as slavery, racial segregation, the treatment of Native Americans, and the political dominance of big business prior to T.R. Roosevelt as negatives that our country overcame. In history class I learned that all writers, historians included, have personal perspectives that influence their writing and I appreciated Foner’s. He will be giving the keynote address and discussing his new book, Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad tomorrow in the theater at 1:00 pm. Rumor has it that the librarians have temporarily removed all of his books from their shelves so that they can ask him to autograph them tomorrow. I will do the same with my textbook 🙂

If you have the time tomorrow, stop by an event and support one of your classmates, students, or faculty members. You just may learn something new. Until next time!

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