College Village Updates Res Life with “The Root”


Hello! Iesha, here. For those of you who are frequent readers, and to serve as a brief introduction to some, I’m the girl who used to write blog last semester, often about nature walks, poetry, spirituality, and events happening around the school. I am a resident assistant at College Village, a lover of math, a member of the C.S.U. club, and my career goal is to become a dentist who travels to poor countries. But enough about me, let’s talk about something cool happening at our school!

Last semester College Village, our on campus residential community,  finished the construction of a spacious recreational center located in the basement of Hemlock Hall. Upon it’s completion, it was dubbed The Root by a resident, due to each building being named after a tree, and it’s been used ever since to host all sorts of programs from dance parties to cooking classes. College Village is always updating it’s new space, and has just recently added some more features to The Root. Let’s take a virtual tour of the place, shall we?

First stop the eating area:


Here we have some high chairs and tables, along side the windows.


Here is a more “cafeteria style” eating area with plenty more tables and chairs. These come in handy for Thanksgiving and Easter programs, when College Village cooks or orders enough food to feed 500 residents.


Next, we have our seating area, equipped with comfy arm chairs, and leg rest. Need a nap? You’re in the perfect spot.


To our right are some things that every college student needs: Computers and a printer! Resident do not have to walk to the library to do school work if one of these PCs are open. The Root is not the only place in College Village with computers for resident use. There are two computers in the study room of Hickory Hall and two other computers in the basement of Collage Village’s main office.


Right behind the computer stations are four vending machines. What would you like? Chips? Water? Soda? A Hot Pocket? These machines take credit/debit cards and we have a microwave nearby.


To our left is the College Village mini library. Residents are free to leave a recreational reading book, or to take one. Come by this table and find something interesting to read. If you come on Thursday grab a cookie too.


There is someone down here. Who can it be? Oh wow, it’s M.C.(aka Mary-Claire). She is our Student Success Coach. Her office is right next to the CV mini library and she’d love to talk to you about classes, careers, grades, and answer any questions you have about opportunities at the college. She host workshops to give Financial Aid advice, and to educate on other helpful topics. M.C. likes to meet with every new resident, so make sure you check your mailbox to see if you’ve received a request from her to meet you. We all could benefit from the guidance of someone who has been through what we’re going through.

Are you the type of person that needs a quiet study environment? Ask M.C. and she will unlock a study room for you, or for your study group. There are two study rooms available and one of them is usually always open.


Did I mention the CV 1 Classroom? Many things take place in this room due to the wide screen television display and the dry erasable marker painted walls. Classes are host here, Just Dance Now is often played here, Poetry is spoken here, and building meetings also take place here. If you’re registering for classes and you see CVR1 as the class location, that means that you and your classmates will be meeting here. It’s convenient for College Village residents.

Our final stop is The Root Kitchen. It’s a spacious and modern kitchen, equipped with plenty of counter space, an induction stove, fridge, and a dishwasher. Residents can meet the RA’s down here for a cooking class or dessert program.


Thank you for allowing me to give you a sneak peek tour of College Village’s new addition for residents, “The Root“. It has plenty more to offer residents living at College Village and we are excited to see what CV will do next. This concludes my blog, until next time!



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