Display Class: Round One!


Round one of my display class is over, and all of the groups did absolutely amazing! It was a lot of students’ first foray into the wonderful world of visual display, and everyone really brought their A game. There are four different display mediums to work with over the course, of the course: a rack, a window, a display case, and a shadowbox. My group selected the rack as our first project to attack, and honestly I now feel that after tackling that, the rest will be A LOT easier! It’s just such a limited area to work with, but we really enjoyed the challenge, and I think it turned out great!

imageOne of my favorite musical groups as “mannequins” in a display…. I couldn’t resist!!imageHere’s our display! The theme was “A Garden of Light.”imageAnd here’s my superstar group! Go Team!imageThis window display was absolutely stunning, and featured a gorgeous Wiccan Triple Moon tapestry!!image
The group with the display case created a charming Autumn theme to showcase some lovely jewelry.image  And last, but certainly not least, one group constructed a Dia de los Muertos shadowbox display!

Complete with twinkling lights, and hanging skulls! Loved it!image

I’m so excited to see the next round of work, from some incredibly talented people! I have no idea what kind of display my group will be working on next, but I say BRING IT ON!

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