In a Dandy Daze!


Dandy Day has come and gone, and it was superb! The lecture room was packed, and many GCC students rose to the occasion and really dressed to the nines, tens, and elevens! After weeks and weeks of anticipation it was wonderful to finally meet Rose Callahan live and in person, and I must say that her presentation skills are just as dazzling as her apparel!


The stunning Jenna Curcio and I embracing our inner Dandy.


Photo-op with Rose! She is such a sweet and genuine individual!


All the gorgeous contestants who participated in the “Dress Like A Dandy” contest! The five lucky winners received autographed copies of Rose Callahan’s drool worthy book!  And those books aren’t cheap! Trust me I know; I want one


Snapped a quick candid shop of the Dandy Hunter hard at work!


In keeping with our Dandy theme, Charles Men’s Shop was kind enough to let me come in and decorate a “Dandy Day” themed window, with my lovely fellow fashion student Maggie!


It was a blast! I really enjoy visual display, and can’t wait to share all the exciting things happening in the visual display class I am currently taking!


And don’t forget, even though Dandy Day is over, you can still class up your look by purchasing an elegant, official GCC plaid tie, bow tie, or scarf!


Have a Dandy Day!!

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