Inspiration Around Every Corner



While exploring the streets of New York City, I came across a building featuring an inspirational quote (pictured above) encouraging residents and travelers to become inspired by their surroundings and to create something new; whether it has to do with fashion, architecture, or music. Inspiration can be found around every corner, especially in a city as eclectic and vibrant as The Big Apple.
As a fashion merchandising major, the fashion aspect of the quote really stuck with me throughout my time in New York City. While walking the coveted Fifth Avenue and observing the window displays, this quote kept making its way into my mind. Each and every store on Fifth Avenue displayed garments that reflected the metropolitan reputation for which New York City is known. Monochromatic window displays were the current trend, as stores mainly featured all black outfits, with pops of reds (such as the Versace window displays) and neutral hues (such as Burberry). There was also a notable presence of metallic gold, specifically in the Christian Louboutin windows, which featured several displays of their new lipstick collection. With imaginative backdrops which included oversized lipsticks hanging as if they were ornaments, in addition to being featured on the quills of a peacock. The window featuring the peacock was an interactive display, which allowed those passing by, the opportunity to become part of the display, where their face would become the face on the peacock (by the use of a vanity mirror). In another series of window displays by Christian Louboutin, the public was given an inside look into the designing process of their signature red-soled heel. I found their windows to be the most artistic and inspirational. The window displays at Christian Louboutin, to me, represented the excitement, the imagination, and the inspiration that can be found around every corner.






Guest Post by Morgan Ripley

2 thoughts on “Inspiration Around Every Corner

  1. Beautiful blog. I live in the Bronx and when I travel downtown I often pass by these windows without a second glance. But I like how much you extract from the displays, and how inspirational they are to you and your goals. 🙂

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