Staying Healthy in the Cold


The weather is changing and soon it will become less convenient for me to go outside for a bike ride, which is one of my favorite forms of exercise. I have already begun to spend more time indoors, and soon, all I will desire is to be warm, cozy, and full ; hibernating in my free time. That is what I usually do during the winter, but this season has to be different for me. I am not interested in gaining any of the weight back that I lost by being a sweaty busy summer bee. So here are Practical & Simple things I will be doing for the remainder of fall and duration of winter in order to stay healthy and continue my weight loss project.

  1. Avoid getting sick by staying warm28-cool-winter-hats-that-will-keep-you-warm1 Wear hats to protect your head, wear a scarf to cover your neck and nose, and avoid the freeze by covering your ears.
  2. Join a Gym – I was told that working out in the winter is better than working out in the summer, because it warms you up when your body really appreciates it. If you live at College Village, go to the Fitness Center!
  3. Drink Tea! – Drinking green tea is great for loosing weight. But avoid sugary products and brew your own. Try drinking it without any sweeteners, but if it’s just too bland add a little bit of honey.
  4. Sleep – Sleep is essential to keep you immune system functioning properly.
  5. lack-of-sleep2Drink Water – Most people think you only need to worry Camelbak-Better-Bottle-7-18184Pabout your water intake during the summer but you need to worry about it during the winter too. We tend not to be as thirsty in the winter, and dehydrate much easier. So drink up! Buy bottled water or keep a water bottle with you at all times.
  6. Last but certainly not least, Don’t over eat – This can be hard during the winter because some people associate being cozy with being full and that’s an association that needs to break. Over eating sometimes makes you fall asleep because your body need to use most of it’s energy to digest that big portion of food. Eating is smaller portions is healthier and
    snacking on healthy foods is better for you. the-itisI will be drinking green tea and sometimes hot coco, and snacking on dried fruits and nuts. I treat myself by eating ice cream for dessert, but I limit myself to 1/2 a cup per serving, and I try to buy a low calorie or sugar-free Ice cream.

Keep up the good work everyone and I hope you are all blessed with good health this season!!! Until next time!


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