Oh the Weekend!


This weekend was a blast!

This past Friday a group of friends and I went to Letchworth State Park. It was beautiful. The first thing we saw when we arrived was a huge canyon. I stood up on the rocky edge and stared down at the river miles below. Across the great gap in front of us we saw birds flying high and circling around looking for food. IMG_12311We got back into the car and drove to one of the falls. Our group split up as three of our friends decided to take the high trail to view the falls from a distance, while two of us took the low one to get as close to the falls as we could, and we got really close! After descending 127 rocky stairs, that were slippery due to all the rain from Thursday, we headed right  and stood on a misty ledge right in front of the falls. It was amazing; my first time seeing a water fall of that size in person. IMG_12431 (1)As we were headed back to try and see the falls from a nearby bridge, my friend noticed a log that lead you to a lower level. He crossed it, peered off to see if we could get closer to the fall, but then decided it was too risky because there was a little stream of water running through the path. But when he came back up, I went down myself and decided it was manageable and worth the IMG_12391risk. So we both carefully and slowly avoided slipping as we reached a ledge that was lower and closer to the water than the previous one we’d been to. It was fun and adventurous!

Saturday, two of my friends, who are from Japan, cooked a wonderful meal and made a delicious dessert called Choco Korone!


I told them that I’d seen a dessert in a Japanese animated show called Lucky Star and they decided to make it for me. I’m so grateful for them, it was good!

unnamedAfter lunch, we decided to go to 7-Eleven. They were giving away free Slurpees because it was July 11th! Get it? 7/11? Ha! We rode our bikes to main street, picking up a friend along the way, and sat in the shade on the side of 7-Eleven with our Slurpees. Yum.

When we got back to College Village we hosted a movie night for all our summer residents. We turned one of the common rooms in our new building, Lilac Hall, into a movie theater and showed “127 Hours” starring James Franco. We served popcorn, soda, tea, and chips (dipped in honey by a few of us). The room was filled with squeals and plenty of people covered their eyes at the climax of the movie. Why? Well if you’ve never seen the movie, I won’t give you any spoilers,  go see it! 899-M-127-hoursUntil next blog! See ya!

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