Semester is over-Thank You Professor David Johnson!!!!


Check it out! Bio 104 is fun!! Why not register for this class next semester?


Well, just like the title says, the semester is over but that’s not the end of Science for me!!  Nope, Chemistry next semester, then Human Biology the semester after that.  So this is not going to be the end of my blogging experience, I’m sure.

The blogs I wrote were done because I had to do them for extra credit, but to tell you the truth, I enjoyed doing the research to be able to blog.  The really cool thing about most of the things I researched and wrote about were something we had just covered in my Biology 104 class with Professor/Dr. David Johnson, within a week or two.  Professor Johnson, by the way, is a very good professor.  Even though he was new to Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY this year, he was not new to teaching what he loves; ten years I believe he told us. …

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One thought on “Semester is over-Thank You Professor David Johnson!!!!

  1. TheReviewer

    I totally wish you the best on your science career, but don’t stop blogging – it is a pretty passionate hobby to have and it seems you have a knack to it. 😀

    Best wishes!

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