Volunteering for an Underground Fashion Show


There are not many words to describe this feeling but one that comes to mind is magical.Rochester fashion week was simply breath-taking. My fashion show was the Saturday night show on October 17th. As I walked in the underground setting, (YES the fashion show was underground) I thought to myself wow this is beautiful and then i think wow this will be a lot to clean up. The huge projector screens and the super long runway let me know right then and there that the night would be a night to remember.

As a fashion business student I try to look for every opportunity that has anything to do with the fashion industry. So naturally I volunteered of the underground fashion show. The show was held in a closed off part of the Xerox parking garage located in Rochester NY. Upon my arrival I was given a volunteer lanyard and was asked to organize the gift bags on the chairs. After I organized the gift bags I was assigned to work the entrance and take the stubs of people’s tickets at the door. I did this until around 30 minutes into the show. There seemed to be an endless line of people just standing so eager to be let in. I was so excited for them because I knew they were in for a treat.

The show started at 8 pm but the doors opened at 7 once everyone was inside I was relieved of my duties until cleanup time. I walked down the entrance down the stairs to see the actual show. I was amazed by a model with flaming red hair strut down the runway wearing a black lace dress. It was relentlessly fierce. I saw so many different collections; one that seemed to be inspired by common French designs, an earthy looking collection, hipster looks, and more. The show itself had at least 1000 people there it was packed and people were kind of tipsy. It was amusing to watch them having a great time singing and dancing. The show lasted an hour and then it was clean up time. This took the longest amount of time. I had to clean up spilled cocktails and broken glasses until about 11pm but it all led to laughs and it was so much fun. I can wait to help again next year.