Vampire Lesbians of Sodom Review


Think of a play that has the raunchiness of a film of the red light district and appear to come from repressed soul of an eccentric bohemian. Take your conception of zany aside, and try to endure the puns, and cheesy sound effects; you may find it hilarious: I know I did. The play was only $3 per person and for that amount of money I garnered that it would be average, however I am a sucker for the arts, and found myself paying the price. With a comfortable seat in the middle row, I could just see the stonehedge-esque setting when the play started.

The play was hilarious; some points went over the top at times, but overall I found myself hunched over from the battery of numerous, unsubtle, sexual jokes. Despite this, I found that it was too disjointed for my taste. I almost felt a sense of whiplash from the fast pace, characters that popped out of the blue, and clichés that made me cringe.

This was my first production that I have visited at the college, which pleasantly surprised me with the skill of its performers, and shocked me with the task of pulling off this piece. I look forward to whatever undertakings they will attempt to undergo in the future, and will probably be there with a ticket in hand. I am proud to say that we have such capable actors that attend the college and that they are truly able to push their comfort zones in the roles they take. They offer entertainment that rivals any night of watching Family Guy reruns, and I thank them for that. If any want to find out more about the theater acts then please visit our website.

The theater will have more events posted in the coming months and for anyone that wants to try something new, and, for some events, enjoy a free show, then I advise anyone to attend some of the other events. On Friday, November 7th at 7:30pm, the Genesee Center for the Arts will present, “A Supernatural Evening with Jeff Belanger.” Mr. Belanger will talk about his work as a paranormal investigator. On Thursday, November 20th, come and watch Cello Fury perform a variety of classical and rock music. For also anyone interested the band Cello Fury has a few music videos out on YouTube, and you should definitely check them out if you have the time. Now that I’ve had my fill of vampires for the month, I can finally work on homework in peace.