GCC RAKtivists’ 100 Happy Days Challenge


100 happy days (1)The GCC Random Acts of Kindness Committee has evolved into the GCC RAKtivists. They began trying to make GCC a happier and kinder place with the first annual Random Acts of Kindness Week last February and now they’re at it again. The RAKtivists are challenging GCC to be happy for 100 days in a row. The challenge is simple. Take a photo and share it with the hashtag #GCC100HappyDays every day for 100 days. You can also create your own hashtag in order to personalize your own 100 Happy Days but if you would like to share a happy day at GCC then please be sure to use our hashtag too.  This challenge stems from the original 100 Happy Days Challenge where you can register your happy days with their website and learn more about the 100 Happy Days Foundation.

The RAKtivists are welcoming new members and new ideas on how to spread the kindness around GCC. They will be meeting on the Third Tuesday of each month during common hour beginning with September 16. The location of their first meeting will be announced at a later date. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date on meeting dates and locations. The RAKtivists plan to share the best of #GCC100HappyDays on their Facebook page on a weekly basis as well as sharing their 100 happy days. GCC and the RAKtivists will begin their #GCC100HappyDays Challenge on Wednesday, August 20, 2014.

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