Online Class Experience


Last semester I didn’t have that many options when it came to actually attending a class in person. So I decided to take online courses for the spring semester instead. I had my concerns for it; would I be able to keep up with it and earn a passing grade?

However, it turned out that by the end of the semester that I did alright because I managed to get by with one A and one C. Which is not too bad I suppose! If you’re considering taking any online courses I suggest contacting your professors before that start of the semester to find out if you can get a syllabus. That way you can sort of get an idea of what the class is going to be about.

Also, if you’re class requires discussions as a part of your participation, always get involved. Most of the time everyone is really friendly and positive that it makes you realize what the genuine meaning of the community part of Genesee Community College truly means. So if you’re sort of lost like I was last winter than don’t rule out the option of online classes.

I’m also taking some online courses for this summer semester right now and when I finish with that experience I’ll fill all of you in on what that was like. But meanwhile I hope that you’re all having a fantastic summer and an even a postive start for this coming fall!

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