That First Day


When I first came to GCC, I afraid of meeting new people. I grew up in a small town, and graduated with the same 90 other kids that started 7th grade with me. It was strange to think that I would never see some of them again, and also hard to know that for the most part I wouldn’t really see many of them who did come to GCC, as my major put me in a separate field and the opposite end of the building as most of my friends.

However scared I was that first day, it disappeared rather quickly as I began to hang out with a few classmates, who like me came in early to get a parking space. I found out that one of the best ways to get through class is to make friends with at least the people near you when you sit down. There are many reasons behind that fact of life.

  • Reason 1: you never know just when your pen will chose to die or go missing.
  • Reason 2: teachers are tricky and have a tendency to make you talk to each other to go over papers or during review sessions.
  • Reason 3: if you miss class, they can help you catch up.

So don’t be afraid to say hi to that person in the desk next you, chances are you’ll need their help down the road!

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