Professional Dress with Personal Best



Susan Makai is the CEO and founder of Personal Best, which is a modeling and talent school located in Buffalo NY. Susan inspired everyone in the room by tell us of how she started Personal Best 24 years ago with just someone believing in her and her talent in making people’s dreams come true.  Ms. Makai came to Genesee Community College and talked to the Fashion Majors as well as others who wanted to listen in. She began her presentation by telling us the top ten personal appearance mistakes that make employers shutter. 

  1. The fit of clothing- nobody cares what size you are as long as the clothing you have on fit you.
  2. Provocative clothing- such as skirts that are too short, sheer fabrics and garments, garments that are low cut in the front. Provocative clothing can cause unnecessary attention in the workplace.
  3. Denim- can give the wrong impression to your employer making them feel that you aren’t serious.
  4. Trendy clothing- isn’t the best investment to make because they don’t stay in style as well they aren’t always a good fit for most body types.
  5.  Novelty wear– is not acceptable to wear in any professional setting.
  6. Accessories-these should be subtle and shouldn’t take the attention of everyone else in the room.
  7. Shoe don’ts- flip flops and crocks are not shoes that are appropriate to wear at the workplace, they give off a laid back vibe to employers.
  8. Grooming- be careful how much makeup you wear and how you wear your hair it can give off the feeling that you aren’t clean to potential employers or current employers.
  9. Mismatch- it might be cool looking but for work you must stay professional and consistent looking.
  10.  Distracting- different patterns on a garment may pull the focus off of business and on to you.

Ms. Makai also gave us advice on what to wear in the workplace such as black dress pants are always a classic. The suited look is always popular for men as well as solid sweaters are a nice change up for men’s apparel. She also discussed how to connect with others which was very inspiring. She showed everyone the proper way to do a handshake because as we were taught a handshake shows you’re confident and professional.  Ms. Makai also told us eye contact body language and your tone of voice are three things that can give the person you are with the feeling that you’re not interested in what they’re talking about.

We want to personally thank Susan Makai for coming in and talking to us, you truly gave us some vital information that will stick with us forever.

Written by Natalie Brown, Kelly Wetherby and Shelby Wallenhorst

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