Self Defeating Ideology- The Pitfalls and Remedies of Common College Personalities


The Perfectionist-Procrastinator– “I cannot be the best- so why try?” Ironic as it seems, a perfectionist desire to be perfect makes them their own worst enemy.  They are more likely to do nothing, then risk failing. This personality type procrastinates the starting of projects until the final hour and often turn things in late or not at all. They make up excuses like, “I work better under pressure”.  They have trouble getting started on an assignment due to a feeling of being inadequate.

Remedy- Start the assignment immediately after it is assigned, before there is time for self doubt to creep in.  If you start early, chances are you will finish early as well.  Once you experience the freedom of the project no longer hanging over your head, you will be motivated to change your procrastinating ways.  Trust enough in your ability that you will not fail, while accepting the fact that failing is okay.  That concept isn’t an easy one to accept, and seems contradictory at first.  If you understand that learning is a process, you will be more accepting if the highs and lows. The only real failure – is failure to try.

The Crammer-Hoper “I hope the class is cancelled.”  “I hope the teacher grades on a curve.” In the minutes before the test this typical college personality frantically grabs a text book and proceeds to dump and cram as much information as their brain will hold. Bits of knowledge races around in their head bumping into each other. Their head literally explodes and test answers fall through the art like snowflakes…melting before they reach the test.   Realizing these efforts were in vain, they rely on their ability to BS the way through the test, as they have done in the past. Then the promises come, “Next time I will study more.” Of course, The next test is just a repeat of this same vicious cycle.

Remedy- Cramming has never been an effective way to study; it does little more than elevate your blood pressure. Further, a reliance on hope or BS will not get you very far in life, as both can run out. Study to learn the information- not for the test.  Long ago, someone came up with the brilliant ideas that knowledge must be tested, to be certain that it is possessed. This inevitably shifted the focus from gaining the education, to passing the test. This could be a fatal mistake in a person’s educational pursuits. Think about it, do you want the doctor that squeaked by with passing grades, or the one who had such a thirst and passion for the subject that they absorbed every bit of knowledge, and sought out more? You are only cheating yourself (and future clients) by taking your opportunity to be educated for granted.

The Low Self Esteem-Excuse Maker– “Everyone who gets good grades, is just smarter than I am.”  “I can’t learn this!”  “I do not have time to study.”  If this typical college personality spent half as much time studying, as they do making excuses for why they didn’t, then they would be one of the “smart” people they complain about.

Remedy- Be smart enough to study. You are capable of learning anything that you put your mind to. Learn some study techniques. (I wrote a blog about it.) Avoid distractions like Face book, You tube, and Twitter. These waste time, and although you can claim you are multi-tasking but you are really just dragging your feet. Take responsibility for your own actions and do not compare yourself to those around you. You are not in a competition against them Your job is to be the best you, that you can be.

2 thoughts on “Self Defeating Ideology- The Pitfalls and Remedies of Common College Personalities

  1. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and interesting,
    and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something too few people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my hunt for something regarding this.

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