Designing our Future


Candace #1

Candace Cooper is the founder and designer of  Can’de Couture , an up and coming fashion brand. It’s popularity has dominated across her home town of Rochester and now she is striving to reach across Western New York. The Can’de Couture collection began as a senior project and ended up becoming the start of her dream.”For a girl who has never had a sewing class in her life, I truly believe that this talent is a gift from God.”

 Can’de Couture was first discovered by well-known photographer named Christopher Cardwell, owner of  GoodKnews Photography. He was astounded by the designs of the collection and was very impressed by Candace, who was only seventeen at the time.  After the brand was discovered, Candace was contacted by the director of ROC The Runway, one of the biggest fashion shows in Rochester, NY. They expressed the need of featuring Can’de Couture in the show and that year Candace was presented with the title of the youngest and most talented designer in the show.

Candace #3

Since the show, Can’de Couture’s brand has had many business inquires and a tremendous boost in clientele.  Can’de Couture’s target market are young ladies that are looking for a posh style without the high price tag.

Can’de Couture encourages the motto of “dressing for success every day.” The brand focuses on trendy designs, while pursing the most affordable  of styles for fashionistas. Can’de Couture’s designs are   classic, with a chic and sophisticated approach. The Can’de Couture brand takes designs to the next level by including edgy and stylish pieces that easily transition from day to night wear.

Candace #2

Despite that Candace is a freshmen at Genesee, she has worked hard and proven her worth. She will be designing  for her own scene in the 32nd Annual Fashion Show, Fashion Forward!

Get ready to see Can’de Couture on the Catwalk!


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