Display and Visual Merchandising – BUS 208


This is one of my favorite classes I have taken at GCC so far, as it has let me express my creative side, while also developing my team working skills. I have learnt a lot from Ms. Ehrhart who teaches this class with so much passion and vigor. It’s an 8 week class, making it quick paced, and action packed which has given me a better grasp and feel for real world applications. As part of this course, my group was fortunate enough to get real world experience by merchandising the windows at Charles Men’s Shop in Batavia NY.

Charles Men's Shop Display

Charles Men’s Shop Display

Display and visual merchandising is a very hands on class, and during the 8 weeks, our main focus was to complete four visual displays: shadow box, display case, rack and the window.

Each display gave us a chance to work with differing type of visual merchandising, which we may come across in our future careers.

Here are a few examples of our classes finished displays:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos taken by Shawna Platt & Jamie Tyrrell

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