Since my summer classes ended on August 2nd, it is summer vacation now but the vacation is just 3 weeks long. My friends who are staying at the dorms seem to be getting a bit bored, but I am busy and having very good time.

That’s because I joined the volleyball team and I have practice all day, every day during the rest of the summer. It is a little bit hard, but I think this is a really good opportunity for me because I can be friends with Americans. It is very helpful for Japanese students to speak with Americans to improve our English speaking skills, so I’d suggest other international students join a team if you are interested.

You might think that if you were on a team, you wouldn’t have enough time for your other hobbies and things like that. But actually I still have enough time to play the guitar even though I have volleyball every day. And I think it’s good for you to spend every day well-organized instead of just idling away your time. There are nice coaches and nice teammates at GCC, so you should join a team!



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