My Time at Genesee Community College


Hello everyone, I am Helmsley a current sophomore student here in GCC. I am a native of Ghana West Africa but currently live in New York City with my Dad. I lived and played Soccer in Lyon France for one year were my mom currently reside and later moved to the united states in 2011 to pursue a career as a sports agent because back home in Ghana, the ability to play soccer is a big part of the culture.

Ever Since I moved to America, I have been able to stay focused academically which ranked me as one of the top students in my grade and also my college life at Genesee Community College. My time here in GCC has also been great. I have been able to meet outstanding roommates who set an great example In the college community.

The Professors also play a big role because their able to answer any questions I might have on my project and encourage me to stay focused academically. In GCC, I have been able to collaborate with individuals from different parts of the world. Some activities we have participated in, include training with the soccer team, having fun at the student union, playing video games etc.

As I enter my second year at the college, more and more great things have been occurring, including some hours at WGCC (the college’s radio station) as a sports caster and working in the MarCom (Marketing & Communications) Office. After GCC, I plan on transferring to Indiana State University in order to gain a scholarship to Edge Hill University in England and pursue my degree in Sport Management.

Homecoming: Alumni Road Kicks Off Thursday


This week is homecoming and GCC is gearing up for a Beatles themed celebration, transforming Abby Road to Alumni Road. The weekend will start out early with a Homecoming Rally on Thursday, September 25th at 1pm in the Gym. Come and cheer on our teams with and stay for a special performance by the Cougarettes.

Friday, September 26th

“Come Together” during our Happier Hour event in the Theater Lobby from 5-8pm. The event will feature a Meet n’ Greet with GCC’s Charter Alumni Council, KC Sunshine Entertainment, Beatles Trivia & prizes and a cash bar.

At 6pm, our next event begins with “Yesterday.” This event will be located in the Stadium and is a Women’s Alumni Soccer Game.

The Men’s Alumni Soccer Game is entitled, “Get Back” and will also be held in the Stadium. The event begins at 7:45pm.

Saturday, September 27th

This fun filled day starts off at 8:30am with “Day Tripper,” where anyone can register and pick up their packets for the “FUN” Raising our Future 5k Run/Walk. This event is held in the Gym. To preregister for the 5k, please visit http://www.gccfoundation.kinteraorg/5k.

“The Long and Winding Road” will begin at 10am. Our 5K Run/Fun Walk for Genesee Community College Student Scholarships raises money for student scholarships and offers a great opportunity for you to reconnect with your colleagues and friends.

“Good Day Sunshine,” (my daughter’s favorite song) also begins at 10am in the Stadium with a Men’s Alumni Lacrosse game.

After the 5k is over, get by with “A Little Help From My Friends” at 11:30 in the Cafeteria. There will be refreshments and awards for best group costumes and more.

Follow “Penny Lane” from 12-2pm for an event filled with family orientated activities. During this time in The Forum, there will be popcorn and apple cider, a bounce house, arts and crafts, face painting, a balloon man, and the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department will be available to speak to families about child safety.

“Drive My Car” also begins at Noon in the GCC parking lot. This will be our Car & Bike Super Cruise where everyone can enjoy classic cars and motorcycles and students  are able to raise money for their clubs and organizations. During this event, don’t forget to pick up your Pulled Pork BBQ lunch! Lunches will be available from 11-2pm and are available for pick-up in the side lawn by the car cruise.

Later in the evening, you can continue to help student scholarships by buying your Oktober Brew Fest tickets in advance on our website. The GCC Foundation that funds student scholarships receives $5 from every presale ticket sold from our website. There will also be tickets available at the door. The Brew Fest is held at the Batavia Downs by the Genesee County Rotary and will run from 6:30-9:30pm. The first 500 people in attendance will receive a commemorative glass and a $10 free play for Batavia Downs. There will be beer and wine tastings, munchies, and live entertainment.

For an up-to-date list on all of the events happening during Alumni Road, please visit our website.

Athletics Webstite Gets a New Look


The Genesee Community College Athletics Department has teamed up with PrestoSports and will launch its new website – – on Tuesday, April 1, 2014, revealing its new online home for all 11 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) programs.

 The facelift features a new, modern design and a user-friendly interface that allows users to browse all facets of the Genesee Athletics Department.

 “The new website is a positive step forward for Genesee Athletics,” said GCC Athletics Director Kristen Schuth. “Not only will it keep our current athletes up to date, it will also be used as a community involvement and recruitment tool.”

 The new site has been designed to integrate social media, incorporate photo and video content and include easy-access statistics to enhance the experience for site visitors.

 “It’s a much needed updated look,” Schuth said. “It is just one more positive step for Genesee Athletics.”

 Started in 2003, PrestoSports helps sports teams communicate online with their fans, opponents and media outlets. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information on top of the PrestoSports Network, the digital mapping of teams’ real-world connections. Millions of fans follow their favorite teams on sites powered by PrestoSports.

Genesee Community College athletics program endeavors to provide a quality and competitive intercollegiate athletics program consistent with the National Junior Collegiate Athletics Association (NJCAA) philosophy and the overall educational mission of Genesee Community College. Participation in collegiate athletics should be an extension of the total educational experience for the student athlete. The inherent philosophy emphasizes the athletic setting as a classroom used to teach character, commitment, work ethic, respect for differences, and the importance of sacrifice, teamwork, and cooperation.

Deciding on GCC


Choosing GCC was a very interesting experience because I knew it was the school for me when I was introduced to it. I played AAU basketball the summer before graduating high school. I played in many showcases and tournaments is to be seen by many colleges. One day my dad told me that I had gotten an email from a college coach that seen me play in a recent tournament that I was in. I thought it was cool to have a college coach recognize me for the way I was playing. My dad and I looked online at the school website and found it to be very pleasing. Things where easy to find and they had a great Veterinary Technology program that I caught my eye on. That day I emailed the coach back and told her I was interested.

I was going to my last showcase which she said she would attend. After I finished playing my first game I finally met Coach Christie McGee-Ross. Reading her bio was very compelling, she was nice and polite and I could tell that she was a very accomplished coach. That made me figure that she came from a school with other polite people. I also met the assistant coach, Dena. Coach McGee-Ross even introduced me to her 11 year old daughter. I wanted to go somewhere to where I knew I could create a family, and meeting the coaches made me feel a family vibe.

From then on I stayed in contact with the coach to set up a visit. I was hoping that the campus was really nice, and upon my arrival to Genesee Community College the campus I wasn’t let down. When I was going to meet the coach, a former player gave me a tour of the entire school. It was very fun. Once again everyone that I met was very polite and I even met another recruit while visiting, and she seemed extremely nice as well. That made me more excited about GCC and even more ready to commit myself to this school. In weeks time I was signing a letter of intent to be a Genesee Cougar!

-Breana Gleaton

Hot Off The WordPress . . . “RASO’s UNITE”


We temporarily interrupt our regularly scheduled programing . . .  NEWS FLASH! . . . This just in . . .  There is a student movement afoot within the friendly confines of our hallowed facility. A rallying cry “RASO’s UNITE” (Returning Adult Student Organization) is being heard louder and louder from more and more students with each passing moment. How did this come to be? What unleashed this sudden torrent of unified efforts and energies?  What is it they seek? Are they friendly? Should we scatter the chickens . . . ?

Our investigation has revealed that it all started innocently enough, one person with one question, who then posed this question to another. From there the momentum expanded exponentially to the point of support pouring into this cause from the four corners of the campus. What is their cause? A place for RASO’s to network, garnish guidance and advice, and assist one another. This will be a place for them to bring their issues, problems, and concerns, whatever their Waterloo may be. A well being oasis for the returning adult student is what they seek.

Our latest report indicates that the RASO’s are planning on holding a rally Wednesday Dec. 5th at 12:30 in room T-123.  Further investigation has revealed that even a staff member, Brenda Sheflin (343-0055 ext. 6185 or, has fallen under their spell and is directly involved with this uprising. She asks that any aspiring RASO rally attendees contact her through the above channels. . . . Well there you have it student nation. Was kind of scary at first but we now believe they are pretty much harmless (more brains). So go ahead and put your chickens back in the pen and  stay tuned for further details  . . . We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming . . . .



Since my summer classes ended on August 2nd, it is summer vacation now but the vacation is just 3 weeks long. My friends who are staying at the dorms seem to be getting a bit bored, but I am busy and having very good time.

That’s because I joined the volleyball team and I have practice all day, every day during the rest of the summer. It is a little bit hard, but I think this is a really good opportunity for me because I can be friends with Americans. It is very helpful for Japanese students to speak with Americans to improve our English speaking skills, so I’d suggest other international students join a team if you are interested.

You might think that if you were on a team, you wouldn’t have enough time for your other hobbies and things like that. But actually I still have enough time to play the guitar even though I have volleyball every day. And I think it’s good for you to spend every day well-organized instead of just idling away your time. There are nice coaches and nice teammates at GCC, so you should join a team!



GCC Baseball


Last night, I was just surfing the web, using Facebook and Twitter and I saw the GCC Athletics tweet about GCC Baseball.  They said that Ruben Medina just threw a “no-hitter” in a 7-0 win over FLCC.

I don’t know if you guys understand, but a “no-hitter” is a pretty big deal.  A no-hitter is basically what the word says… no hits.  Medina was pitching so well, that no one on FLCC Baseball could successfully get on base by a single, double, triple or a home-run.  Correct me if i’m wrong but I am pretty sure he was a walk away from a perfect game, which is not allowing a single batter out of the seven innings they play to reach a base.

Being a ex-baseball player, and still a baseball fan, this is pretty impressive to me… especially at the college level.  Its kind of ironic that this happened against FLCC, the team that I used to play for.

Congrats to the GCC Baseball team.