A Total Tan Experience


This blog post was written by Krista DiRienzo.

I invited Abbey Marchiano to speak with my Professional Sales class about her amazing selling techniques. Abbey is the Leadership Coach for a well-known company, Total Tan. She trains new employees and teaches them to the best of her abilities. She teaches them everything there is to know about the company and their products, as well as what it takes to promote what the company has to offer.

Abbey broke down her presentation into points that relate to the real world. She taught us how to deal with customers to how to make someone’s day a little bit better. She provided us with the comfort that people are going to turn you down in life and it is okay when it happens. She explained to us the little things like reading a customer’s body language, how to notice if someone is having a bad day, or just how a smile can brighten anyone’s day. She told us to never give up on a customer no matter how difficult they are to deal with.

Abbey enlightened us with so much information on what it is like to be a successful salesperson. When asked what made her fall into the field of sales she said, “I just love to talk to people!” As a student heading in this direction as many of my fellow business classmates are, it is important to know that selling is so much more than being a robot and repeating yourself. Abbey showed us how to love our jobs and what we do everyday should reflect not only on our career path, but on something we are extremely passionate about.

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