Excuse me, I’m allergic to math.


Hey it’s Kiley talking about math and testing-

I don’t know about you but, I get an adrenalin rush every time I take an exam. The silence in the room is deafening to my ears. The tension the pencil gives my cramped hand is almost as annoying as a buzzing fly in a quiet room. To be honest, sitting still and racking my brain is torture to my soul. I wish I could be as cool as a cucumber, instead of a nail biting neurotic mess.

Every teaching style is different; therefore it’s important to understand your teacher’s expectations. Every teacher is a different puzzle, metaphorically speaking, each with its own vision or objective. I try to piece it together by observing and studying the homework questions and asking questions about topics I do not understand, but STATS is an impossible maze I can’t get through.

The worst thing for me is my attention span. In a quiet room I notice the most obscure habits of people. The girl chewing her gum could be confused as a cow, the moment I’m in that test setting. Sometimes I can’t help myself from being distracted by mundane observations. The boy blowing his nose sounds like a foghorn, I find myself chuckling. This is frowned upon, of course, by the instructor, but what is an ADD inflicted soul to do?

I am either hyped for a test or a basket case. I try to meditate beforehand in order to regain my composure during tests. I am sick of being the foot tapping, nail biting madwoman. Sometimes I start to feel like my calling is to step dance. This test inflicted habit not amusing, but embarrassing for me. To think I can just take time to simply take a breath is relaxing enough and soothes my test anxiety. I have always heard that clock tick and this would speed up my heart rate and anxiety. So I must go take this test I have been dreading, latter days.

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