You need to learn to say “NO”


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Management

There are certain types of people in the world and a people pleaser is one of them. I, myself must admit to be one of them. John McGowan, Career Center Coordinator, shared some great advice to the group of students that attended this event. One memorable statement was, “Only you can take care of you and manage your time. You cannot tend to others demands until you take care of your own.” Such simple obvious advice proved to be monumental in my life.

I encourage all students to attend these free  workshops, available here at GCC.It also gives a SDS credit for students trying to receive the Leadership Certificate.From the very beginning of the semester I had noticed little by little I was wearing myself out too thin. This program was a godsend for many students like me, who are over worked and sleep deprived.This workshop helped pinpoint “time wasters”  and develop steps to break these bad habits. Think about it look at all the distractions students are faced with today with social networking sites and other technologies on the rise. What is your time waster and are you willing to take the steps in order to achieve your semester goals?

Up coming events…

Blood Drive

Wednesday 6th October and Thursday 7th October from 11:00 am-4:00 pm.



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